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DPP: Foreigners should be put out of shelters

As shelters overflow in the freezing weather, the anti-immigrant Danish People's Party wants police to make sure illegal immigrants are not taking up space

The Danish People’s Party (DPP) has urged Copenhagen Police to round up all foreign homeless nationals and send them back to their native country, writes and Danish national TV DR.

Temperatures dropped to below minus 20 over the weekend, the coldest in February for 26 years.

With the acute need for extra beds at homeless shelters, DPP spokesman Martin Henriksen now says police should be checking shelters every day to make sure there are no illegal foreigners taking up space.

Social Democrats: Even illegals should be warm

Minister for Social Affairs Karen Hækkerup had otherwise stressed Saturday that nobody should be forced to sleep outdoors in the extreme cold , even if they’re living illegally in the country.

But Mr Henriksen has now asked her, and Minister of Justice Morten Bødskov, to explain exactly what the government’s policy is regarding foreign homeless nationals to the Danish parliament’s Immigration and Integration committee.

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