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Drunken frolics could have ended badly

Erasmus party ended with a dangerous dare-devil exploit

For one exchange student, a night out ended in a potentially lethal prank, according to a written account in the latest University Post ‘Drugs and Drinks’ survey:

»The most stupid thing I did was during my last Erasmus party,« the student writes.

»Me and one of my friends swam across the harbour between Amelienborg palace and the Opera House at 6 am. It was lots of fun, but we were drunk and it could have turned in a really bad way.«

At this point, the distance across the harbour is 300 metres across.

Fortunately the student in question lived to tell the tale.

Came on exchange and learned to binge drink

Another full degree student has started binge drinking to the point of vomiting since arriving in Copenhagen.

»In my home country, I usually drank up to two beers a week, but never more… Since I got here I have twice got so drunk that I have puked in the train in my way home (but in the bags, not in the wagon),« he or she writes.

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