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Eat your breakfast in public spaces

The violent overthrow of the system, a revolution? No. we just want to have breakfast

Most of us will have arranged to meet friends outside to have dinner or lunch together. But we seldom meet regularly for a common outside breakfast.

A new movement is trying to change this. Urban Morgenmads (Morgenmad is Danish for breakfast, ed.) aims to bring people together in diverse outdoors spaces of Copenhagen.

The places are not obvious picnic spots. They can be anywhere.

Next breakfast at KUA

Urban Morgenmad organizers always provide tables, glasses and cutlery. Participants simply bring bread, something to spread: cheese, jam, butter, and drinks, that is coffee, tea, juice etc.

It is a potlatch: Everyone provides something to eat and to share with the rest.

The next breakfast will take place on Friday 4 of June at 8:30 in the Faculty of Humanities, in front of the new library.

Everybody is welcome the organisers say. Interested? There is a group on facebook for more information about common breakfasts in Copenhagen: look for Urban Morgenmad.