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Economists positive on 2014

Economists are hopeful that Denmark is finally showing signs of recovery from the financial crisis.

With house and apartment prices rising, and Danish companies expected to get orders this year, economists are optimistic.

Lone Kjærgaard, chief economist at Arbejdernes Landsbank, said, “Most economists believe that 2014 will be the year when the economy turned around in earnest. Companies will begin to invest more, private consumers will spend more money, and the housing market will continue its positive development.”

In fact, 72 per cent of the 47 economists in a panel convened by Ritzau said that housing prices would increase over the next six months – a good economic indicator.

Still unemployment worries

The vast majority (85 per cent) of the economic panel also think that Danish companies will receive more work in the coming year, while they were split with regards to unemployment:

52 per cent believed that fewer people will be unemployed in 2014, while 48 per cent believed that unemployment figures will remain unchanged.

See article in Danish here.

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