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Editorial: Cast out to sea with no jobs in sight

If this generation’s time and place is not now. Surely, it will be soon again

In the tv-series Lost, a group of air crash survivors find themselves on a tropical island. Marooned, they are unable to find their way back to their own time and place.

For many European students and graduates, especially in the south of Europe, the last few years has put them in the same situation.

Some, the lucky ones maybe, can only get access to a limbo of permanent internships and semi-jobs. Others end up taking on debts in an extended period of study, or jobless.

Not depressing reading

Displaced, many southern European international students will do anything to not go home.

In a special, printed edition of the University Post coming to the stands soon, and in more articles online, we continue our focus on what the University Post has previously called the Lost Generation.

It is not all bad, and this newspaper is not depressing reading.

The time will come

We don’t only offer howls of student desperation, but we also offer a Marxist theorist’s rallying call to plunder supermarkets, and a hint that some young people manage to have fun even though the recession has more of them living with their parents.

It turns out there are more innovative student start-ups, broadly defined, than ever. And according to a European labour statistics agency, the jobs will return, and university graduates are well placed to take them.

So if this generation’s time and place is not now. Then surely, it will be soon again.,

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