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Editorial: Thank you readers, contributors and friends!

Looking back, the University Post fills me with pride, humility and gratitude

[The University Post is to close down as an independent media, effective 1 July 2016. After the summer break, this platform will contain English translations of news articles from the Danish-language university news site]

So first the pride.

The University Post has been a unique experiment in networked journalism that has honoured this institution.

Since 2009, more than 200 reporters and volunteers have contributed their enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work to making this news media project happen. We had a million readers in 2015, and we rated favorably on quality indices. Through our articles, we have been an ambassador at home and abroad to the University of Copenhagen. Staff, scientists and students, no matter their place of origin, have been given a voice.

The University Post has proven that Danish and non-Danish students can report, interact and comment on the same media platform, binding Danes and non-Danes together as citizens of the University of Copenhagen community.

The University of Copenhagen is not, or not just, a Danish university. It is deeply embedded within a global student and science community. Its home is a great international city. In this city, we were not Danish, nor international, but Københavnere.

And this brings on the humility.

At any one time, we had 10 to 30 students and scientists reporting, volunteering at editorial meetings, bringing their own individual passions, talents and concerns to the table. Up and above these reporters, hundreds of staff, scientists and students spontaneously contributed their time and effort to share photos and reactions, offer their insights, and do calculations.

There was scarcely a day when I wasn’t spellbound by someone’s expertise in a field I had never heard of, struck in awe by someone’s turn of phrase, or silenced by someone’s insistence that this story, THIS STORY, is the real story.

My gratitude, therefore, goes to the University of Copenhagen for letting the University Post happen and flourish.

But also to you, the most challenging of readers and the best of reporters: For your ideas and enthusiasm, for your persistence, and for your consistently holding me up to a higher standard.

(Photo: Rod Mackey)

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