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Education should focus more on jobs, say Liberals

DANISH NEWS: The opposition Liberals have called for a cut in funding for graduate courses that don’t lead to real jobs

Universities have come under fire for churning out students directly into the the unemployment queue. According to the Liberals’ research spokesperson, Esben Lunde Larsen, this underlines the need for a re-working of the student grant system, reports and Børsen.

”We’re faced with a major problem when over half of the graduate courses on offer have no relevance for the labour market,” said Ms Lunde in response to the criticism by the Danish Accreditation Institution, which reviewed 99 new and 331 existing graduate courses at Denmark’s universities.

The ‘writing on the wall’

She expressed confidence that university rectors have already seen the ‘writing on the wall’ and the need to target education towards labour market needs, but declined to comment on whether it could be necessary for universities to cut certain courses which provide graduates with little possibility of finding work.

”Every form of education has value because it provides new skills and understanding, but it’s obvious that we can’t keep training graduates for a life of unemployment,” she said.

See the full article (in Danish) here.

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