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Eight facts about your student life

The person sitting next to you is a woman, you will often say ‘hello’, but rarely say ‘habari’ - and you will end up getting a ‘10’ grade for your dissertation


Take a look around, and memorise the faces of your fellow students. Do the same again in one year’s time and notice that 16 per cent – if the statistics hold true – will have dropped out before the first two semesters are over.


In the not so distant future, you may call yourself an academic. For your UCPH dissertation (if you get to do one) you will get on average 9.8 – that is you will probably get the grade ‘10’.


Despite the fact that the politicians do everything they can to push you through your studies within a set time, you will most likely not achieve this goal: Only 18 per cent finish on time. On the other hand, you will probably be one of the 51 per cent who can use the excuse that the delay was due to a relevant student job.


Approximately DKK 8,700. This is the total cash you can spend when you have received and paid taxes on the Danish student grant SU and your salary. Your rent is an average of DKK 3,600 a month.


17 Friday bars are in Uniavisens bar-guide: A directory of the best parties which is to be found here. Cheers!


Habari means ‘hello’ in Swahili, but you will probably not take this word into your mouth when you are at UCPH. 32 Africans came to Denmark on a student exchange in 2014. The vast majority of non-Danes come from other EU countries or from the United States.


6 out of 10 new UCPH students are women. The gender imbalance is worst at the Faculty of Health and Medicine, where 72 per cent are female.


And while we are talking about men, women, and all that jazz: 11 per cent find a boyfriend or girlfriend through their place of study. Remember to swing by your Friday Bar once in a while