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Eight great apps for Copenhagen

A place for every app, and every app has its place. These ones get the most out of Copenhagen

Following up on last month’s Top 10 apps for Students article, we are back with a list of eight great apps to specifically help you get the most out of life in Copenhagen. While student apps may be all about raw power and productivity; apps for the Copenhagener are designed with an eye towards the beloved and time-honoured Danish tradition of ensuring life is simple, enjoyable and not too inconvenient.

1. Rejseplanen

Whether this is your first week in Copenhagen as an exchange student, or you’ve lived here your whole life and bike everywhere; Rejseplanen is a must-have app on your phone. It is the premiere public transportation app and offers up-to-the-minute updates on all bus, train and metro departures so you can get where you need to go as soon as you can possibly get there.

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2. I Bike CPH

Unfortunately for millions of iPhone users out there, Apple Maps does not have a directions feature for cyclists. On the other hand, while Google Maps is much improved in this arena, it is not nearly as accurate as Copenhagen’s very own app for bike lovers. I Bike CPH provides the most accurate GPS routing for bikers in Copenhagen, available anywhere on your phone. In the world’s greatest biking city, when you have to get from A to B, it helps to have the local’s knowledge for back alley shortcuts and cobblestone contraflows.

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3. myUCPH

myUCPH is the official one stop, do-all pocket utility for University of Copenhagen students. To make use of this app one should obviously be a UCPH student and, if you are, you may find it almost indispensable as a means of convenience. myUCPH allows users to quickly check their Absalon and KUnet messages, as well as function as an informational resource for the libraries, staff info and schedule updates.

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4. Returntool Apps

Returntool is not an individual app, as you can see by clicking on the links below which take you to all their apps on the App Store and Google Play. Rather, Returntool is a resource for all kinds of recreational businesses throughout Denmark, but especially here in Copenhagen. All of Returntool’s customers are local bars, eateries or services which provide users of their apps various discounts. If you are looking to go out and have fun, while maybe saving a little money on food or drink, we highly recommend checking out Returntool’s apps for any possible deals you may enjoy.

Find it on App Store | Google Play | Returntool website

5. MobilePay by Danske Bank

The second most popular app in Denmark needs little introduction. MobilePay lets you quickly send and receive money directly between Danish bank accounts. There is no more convenient app in all of Copenhagen, simply setup the app with your bank account and you are good to go; you don’t even need a Danske Bank account to use it! After one or two uses of MobilePay, you will begin to understand why cash is so rare in Denmark.

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The official app for saving you hours of time fumbling around your NemID. e-Boks is an app that offers direct access to your Borger Digital Post directly from your phone without using your NemID card. As everything important that could possibly happen to you in Denmark these days, is told to you by way of Digital Post, it’s refreshing to know there is finally a convenient way to access that information.

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7. DBA

If eBay and Craigslist had a child, then eBay stole it from Craigslist and hid it in Denmark, that child would be DBA – Den Blå Avis. DBA, and it’s app, are the best means of buying and selling online here in Denmark. DBA functions as an easy way for local Copenhageners to connect with each other online for in-person or mailed transactions. If you want to buy a bike, or sell a laptop, then DBA is the place for you. Just promise us to be extra careful and smart about possible scams; like every other online marketplace in the world, DBA hosts plenty.

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8. DOT Mobilbilletter

In the midst of Copenhagen’s brave new Rejsekort world, the day of Mobilbilletter is not done. The Rejsekort is designed, in most instances, to save a little bit of money over the traditional zone tickets and so will probably remain your go-to option if you have one. However, for those times where your card runs out, your friends are in town visiting, you need a ticket for your bike in the dead of winter, or you simply just miss the klippekort; you will be very happy to have the DOT Mobilbilletter app on your phone.

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Any ideas for other Copenhagen apps? Let us know in the comments field below!

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