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Election profile: Student Council candidate

Emilie Nayberg - representative of the University of Copenhagen student council in the upcoming university elections - voices her manifesto and thoughts to the University Post

As the ‘voice’ of the students, Emilie Nayberg’s vision is to bring to light the universities greatest resource, the power of the students and their wellbeing, specifically supporting more social activities.

1) In a few sentences, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
»My name is Emilie, I’m 25 years old and I study Psychology, and I’m in the Students’ Council, I was elected as our candidate for the university board by students from all over the university. I am deeply engaged in creating a better university and a better study life. As students, we are the greatest resource of the university, and we need to make the university realise that and support our activities in class as well as between classes«.

Improving conditions

2) What are your main agendas?

»I have three main goals for my work in the university board. Enough space for all students, and for all student activities, support for social activities and better professors«.

3) The University of Copenhagen is increasingly seen as an international university, with half of Master’s programmes in English, and a large international student and staff community. Do you believe in internationalization? And if so, do have any specific policy ideas in the area?

»I indeed believe in internationalisation. For the Students’ Council, internationalisation is more than just having program thought in English. To be truly internationalised we need to improve the conditions for both incoming and outgoing exchange and full degree students, both in terms of housing, administration, social and learning environment«.

‘Despicable’ housing set-up

4) International students have been particularly hard hit by Copenhagen’s housing bottleneck. Any comments?

»Yes! This is one of the key issues that the Student Councill has been working on in the past months! We find the housing situation in CPH dispicable, and this year we decided to act on it. In August we launched our Student Couch Surfing Service. More that 100 students, actually mainly internationals, where hosted by other students here in CPH.

I was really impressed that so many students were willing to house co-students, that they didn’t even know, and it was so cool to be able to just to something about this problem that both the university and the local politicians have been trying to ignore for far too long«.

More engaged, more social

5) International students everywhere, not just in Copenhagen, say in surveys they have a hard time making friends with people from their host country when on exchange (Danes). Any ideas?

»Get engaged in your local student council or student-driven café, USG Sports and use the Students’ House. Don’t be afraid to ask, and remember, I also believe that creating more dorms for both Danish and international students will make it a lot easier for us to get to know each other, and this is one of the things, the Students’ Council will continue to work on«.

See Emilie’s campaign site here.

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