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Emilie wins vote for key uni board seat

Victory for Student Council in student vote. Other results coming up.

Psychology student Emilie Nayberg, the Student Council candidate, will get two years on the Board of Executives of the University of Copenhagen: Her time in office will last for two years.

This is according to information that this media has been made aware of. The official count has not yet been released. Emilie Nayberg got 642 votes, the highest number of personal votes.

There are two student representatives, with one of them up for election every year.

Wants more physical space, better teaching

Emilie Nayberg was celebrating the victory at the Student Council offices when the University Post reached her. She said to the University Post that she was proud and thankful for the many personal votes.

She has previously said to the University Post that she would work for the university to be even more internationalised and improve the conditions for both incoming and outgoing exchange and full degree students.

»I will work for more physical space for the students in and outside the university. And I will work for better educators and teachers. We have many scientists, that are not good enough at teaching. And apart from this I will work for it becoming easier to engage in student-friendly activities,« she says.

Student Council won more study board places

Gwen Gruner-Widding, the chairman of the Student Council is happy with the result.

»The most important thing for us is that the voting percentage went up, even though this was only by a bit.«

»But we are also happy with the fact that we have won several places on the different study boards, that we didn’t have before,« she says.

Also ahead on common list

The university election voting was finished Friday, and attracted 14.8 per cent of the university electorate for the key Board vote, and mostly higher percentages for study boards, academic councils, and PhD representative votes.

In the showdown between Student Council, the Frit Forum, and the Social Liberal students, the Student Council came off on top with 360 votes on the joint/common list of candidates, versus 283 for Frit Forum and 74 for Social Liberal students.

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