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English-language theatre cancels premiere in wake of Copenhagen shootings

While the worst commotion has died down after the tragic incidents on Saturday, for the people working at Krudttønden, life is not quite back to normal yet.

It could easily have gone wrong. That Theatre practices at Krudttønden, the scene of the Copenhagen terror attacks. Luckily they were all unharmed. But now the damage to their venue is forcing them to cancel.

The English-language theatre company That Theatre, which has a high profile in the international community in Copenhagen, has been rehearsing for their upcoming show “Shakespeare’s Women”, originally set to premiere 18 February. Now this will not be possible

“Krudttønden is still a crime scene,” says Ian Burns, the artistic director of That Theatre, “The police haven’t finished investigating the place, and as the staff is still quite nervous about the incident, we found it was best to postpone the premiere, even though it is frustrating.”

New premiere possibly on the 20th

Last Saturday, the theatre staff had finished off rehearsing and had left Krudttønden an hour before the shootings. Burns considers it a lucky escape for himself and his colleagues. “One of us might have fancied a cup of coffee in the café or something.”

Burns expects the building to be back to normal soon: “It’s been incredibly fast. They already replaced the windows, and the front is getting fixed today,” he says.
“The theatre itself is probably OK, as it was locked off during the attack.”

That Theatre is now tentatively working on being able to premiere ‘Shakespeare’s Women’ Tuesday 24 February, subject to change. People who had tickets for the 18th and 19th will be able to get a refund or exchange the tickets for other days.

Shakespeare’s Women is a re-premiere. Here is the University Post review of the original performance.

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