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Erasmus group seeks volunteers for refugees cause

A volunteer effort, SocialErasmus, wants to promote collaboration and benefit the local community this weekend. Political refugees need support, says Copenhagen life science student who is going to help out

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) offers international students a chance to gather together in the name of collaboration, volunteerism…and some free sandwiches. The occasion: A march in aid of political refugees.

Saturday 12 May, and Sunday 13 May the ESN will host the SocialErasmus kick off event where this year’s activities are centered around ‘Out of the Camps Day’ – a city-wide event where NGOs and activist groups will protest rules on asylum-seekers in Denmark.

The SocialErasmus kick off event is just one of several events happening all around Europe this May where 12.000 members from 33 different countries are also volunteering their time and services. The ESN says that the event will be a great way for exchange students in Copenhagen to get involved with a social cause, help the local community and spread positive energy by giving away free food to activists and immigrants.

Student: Refugees need our support

The group has specifically chosen to rally around the ‘Out of the Camps Day’ as their volunteer event due to the pressing importance it has for many of their international members.

»I have to go,« says Xabi Gainzarain, an international student from the Faculty of Science who will join the group on Sunday.

»I think these political refugees need our support, and we should try to help. For us, as international students, I think its easy to understand the situation.«

Peace and hummus

In order to prepare for the main event on Sunday, the group is calling for student volunteers on Saturday to prepare vegetarian sandwiches. In two shifts, volunteers are hoping to prepare 1.000 sandwiches all while being able to meet the activists from the movement and cook along to ‘funky music’. Coffee/tea and lunch will also be provided.

On Sunday, the group will meet at Rådhuspladsen around 12.30 to set up the sandwich stand and welcome the participants from the demonstration. The event itself will also feature live music, beer and a peaceful ‘human circle’ that will be created around Copenhagen’s lakes, later in the day.

To find out more information about the SocialErasmus kick off event, follow the group’s event page on facebook or check out the ESN’s official website, here.

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