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ESN: We have been naïve

Erasmus Student Network to shift its focus away from drinking and distance itself from its party partners

The Erasmus Student Network ESN will work to change its party-and-get-drunk image, and will no longer have its name associated with party event partners. It intends to focus more on non-alcohol-related events.

This is according to Anne Saabye, a spokeswoman of ESN, in response to criticism relayed to her by the University Post.

Following the conversation with this paper, she will call an internal meeting with other ESN volunteers to discuss a course of action, she says.

Will call an internal meeting

Anne Saabye herself has carried out a larger survey with 145 responses that confirms the University Post result, she explains.

»145 responded, and some of them like a mixture of parties and cultural events, but some also say that the parties have got out of hand,« she says.

She hastens to add that it is the association with event partners that is the main problem. It is these events that are criticised by students:

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Most also see a value in ESN’s events

»We have been naïve. It is ESN-Copenhagen’s own fault that we have not taken control over what our good name is being used for,« she says.

Anne Saabye emphasises instead the non-alcohol cultural events in ESN.

»While some are critical, most in the survey also say that they see a value in ESN’s events in that they give international students the opportunity to get to know Danes and other internationals,« she says.

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