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EU conference: Focus on science ethics

At UCPH conference EU scientific advisor Anne Glover highlighted the importance of ethics in academia and research and stressed the need for a new generation of scientists

Is ethics the only way forward if scientists want to produce research that’s meaningful for the general public? Such was the question put forth yesterday 19 June, 2012 by scientists, policy makers and business professionals as part of the EC International Dialogue of Bioethics, held at the University.

Among the many keynote speakers present, Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to EU President Barroso was in attendance. Glover is especially adamant about ethical research. In her eyes, translation of scientific knowledge to the public is just as important as the way it is conducted.

»We have a responsibility to translate and push out knowledge further to others who may be interested,« says Glover. »This includes companies, but also consumers. If citizens aren’t activated, then the politicians won’t move either.«

New generation of students

More transparency between knowledge generated in the private research sector and the public’s interest in it, is needed. To achieve this, the entire scientific community must be on board. This of course has to start with students and research in academic institutions like the University of Copenhagen.

Using ethics as an academic platform can also facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration in science, advises Glover. This will be another important tool in inspiring scientists to use scientific data in a way that is useful to society and its citizens.

»We need a new generation of students that understand and use ethics in science and other disciplines. We can do very little with the knowledge generated if we can’t inspire public trust in it.«

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