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Events for gays at the Studenterhuset

Heads up if you are a sexual minority. Events coming up at the Studenterhuset café include free muffins

If you belong to a sexual minority you might want to put a big rainbow-coloured cross on every ‘Tuesday’ in your calendar. Events include free muffins and a host of other activities.

BLUS, the organisation for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, and queer) students, is the host every Tuesday at the Studenterhuset (Student Café) this Autumn.

For everyone from everywhere

The University Post wanted to know more about it, so we met up with Daniel Noesgaard Rasmussen, the head of BLUS.

»In the past, BLUS members were primarily Danish students from the Copenhagen area, but because we, among other things, have chosen to communicate exclusively in English, we now have a lot of international students who actively participate in our events. We used to host separate intro nights for Danish and international students, but as of this year we’ve put the two together.«

»Some students, especially from the Third World, get opportunities in BLUS, that they couldn’t have had in their home countries. We have also been an ideal place for new students from the suburbs to network, which hasn’t been possible for them in the past.«

Busy year

BLUS is soon to host an event in collaboration with Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, an electoral meeting for the Danish National Association of Gays and Lesbians (LBL) prior to the local elections, and a large Autumn party and Christmas lunch.