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Events planned for running club at University

Running club plans to hire a professional running trainer for a few sessions and a party. New members invited

The University of Copenhagen’s running club has plans to attend new international events, have a party and hire a running trainer, says member Hanne Andersen. Previous events have involved several members competing in both Paris and Berlin.

All genders and running ability are welcome to join, »the distance travelled changes depending upon people’s mood and the weather« says Hanne, and ranges from five to twelve kilometres.

According to Hanne Roer, another member of the club and a lecturer in rhetoric, many international researchers may be interested in joining the club, and the club is always interested in new members.

Twice a week

The club was founded three years ago by staff at the central administration and grew from there. Currently there are around 30 members of the group and 15 members who attend the Thursday run every week.

Runs take place twice a week and the route varies, often passing by the harbour, lakes and nearby parks. See the factbox (right) for more details.

Danes traditionally do sports through clubs and associations outside university, but more and more sports activities, including this one, are being organised by staff and students. Students have a university sports association USG,, which also includes a running club. The fun run DHL, is the biggest University of Copenhagen social event with thousands of university competitors.

Get involved by contacting David Kiertzner at who will help you join the group. Or see more at their KUnet page here.

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