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Exchange love ended in tears

Kenneth met a girl and fell in love, but now the relationship is over

Back in January, Kenneth saw a girl at a university party in Café Mødestedet at the humanities’ campus in KUA. He was immediately interested.

He knew the friends she was with, so he went over to her and introduced himself. She turned out to be a 25- year old international student from Bulgaria. They started talking about their shared passion of dancing.

They began going out dancing together and after a while they fell for each other and became a couple.

Lat-minute split

Kenneth himself, 28 years old and from Cameroon, has been in Denmark since August 2009 as a full degree student in the Cultural Analysis programme.

His new girlfriend was going to take her masters degree here in Copenhagen and she seemed to want to be together.

Kenneth was therefore surprised when she recently told him that she was moving back home soon and not coming back.

They broke up the day before she left.

Could have been friends

Kenneth still has strong feelings for her.

He says that he would have done things differently if he had known from the start that she would go home.

»If I had known all along, we could have just stayed friends«, he says, adding that he has now put love aside and is focussing on his studies.

Someone to talk to

»International students should be open and get to know people. Whatever happens, happens, but this said, it is important to be true to your feelings«, he says.

Despite the lost love, Kenneth does not despair of the good things in a relationship while an exchange student.

»It is good to be in a healthy relationship. And you don’t get lonely because you have someone to talk to about your day and your problems«.

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