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Faculty: New target dates on end of KUA moving chaos

After the Christmas postponement, the Faculty of Humanities has now announced new dates for relocation to its new KUA2 buildings

Two departments of the Faculty of Humanities can move in to their new buildings at the end of March, other departments will move during the summer break. This is according to an e-mail circular from the Faculty to staff and students Wednesday.

The new plan follows the Faculty’s Christmas decision, after staff had packed everything into boxes, to postpone a planned move due to concerns with the unfinished building work.

»The SAXO-Institute, the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, and Faculty Services will move into KUA2 during Easter, while the Musicology Section and the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies will move during July,« Dean Ulf Hedetoft and faculty director Kristian Boye Petersen write in their e-mail.

Buildings, still minor faults

The e-mail circular adds that »the Danish Building and Property Agency has presented the University of Copenhagen and the Faculty of Humanities with a plan for the completion of the KUA2 buildings that enables us to schedule both hand-over and relocation«, the Faculty writes.

The formal take-over of the buildings will be 28 February, two months later than planned.

»The buildings will still have minor faults, and several floors in building 16 will not have been fitted with flooring. This, however, will not be a problem in light of the following relocation schedule,« Dean Ulf Hedetoft and faculty director Kristian Boye Petersen write in the e-mail.

Costs to be negotiated

How much and who is to pay for the over-run of the moving schedule is still to be negotiated, they write.

»The Danish Building and Property Agency, the university and the faculty will have ongoing discussions on the precise calculation of the extra costs that departments, the faculty and the university have had – and will have – because of the delayed relocation.«

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