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Family tours to introduce newcomers to Copenhagen

A new initiative aims to show newcomers Copenhagen's leisure scene and encourage them to stay in Denmark

A series of ‘family tours’ will offer international families the opportunity to explore Copenhagen, in the hope of showing off the city’s many leisure options and encouraging them to embrace Copenhagen as home.

The family tours aim to retain highly qualified labour in Denmark. They are organised by International House Copenhagen and funded by the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment. Aside from introducing new families to Copenhagen’s culture and leisure scene, the tours hope to expand their networks.

The first tour focused on urban gardening and took families to the rooftop farm Østergro and the newly established urban garden at The World Culture Centre in Nørrebro.

Urban gardening, and more

On the first tour, families were excited for the opportunity to spend time in a garden, which are often missing in Copenhagen apartment blocks.

“We live in an apartment here, and it’s the first time we haven’t had a garden of our own” said one parent.

“It was an opportunity for the kids to get in with the plants.We miss the garden so this is nice.”

The family tours will take place over June and August in various locations around Copenhagen. More information can be found on the International House Copenhagen website.

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