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Farewell, adieu, au revoir - to the University Post

UNIVERSITY POST POETRY - Student reporter reacts to the closure of the English-language media of the University of Copenhagen ... in verse

Fairest of days, under darkest of skies
spirits undimmed, of doubt not a shroud
Sharpest of sense, our legion of spies
make University Post- this motley crowd

Duty beckons, twice monthly we greet
in the Grand Old halls, of the secretive lodge
“Right! we begin”- the editor cries discreet
Spinning the bottle, no pitches shall dodge

Artists, philosophers, geeks and bards
We present our news, from our daily raids.
Like diamonds in rags fished, from a miner’s cave
filtering news, our readers could crave

Dysfunctional dorms or Uni proms
to science being done – beyond the norms
life hacks and tips – all creme de la cream
We are a students boat, ferrying the Danish dream

Fairest of days, under darkest of skies
oh mistaken were we? our spirits do dim
there came the cuts, an anonymous whim
they brought down the axe, as a deed so fell

A trial by fire, our reporters strayed
to witness a fury, in the tornados wake
Little did we know – this crosshair moves
they shoot not the message, but messengers too

Uni Post has to, alas bid farewell
All good things shall come to an end
My heart can only- wish you well
As this sentence completes,
I have broken my pen.

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