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Fear: Government cutbacks will mean less study abroad

Erasmus student exchange network ESN says that a new government plan will mean fewer international students. Top University of Copenhagen managers say fewer Danes will go abroad

A new educational model will hinder the internationalization of Danish Universities and cut down on international students in Denmark. This is according to the Erasmus student network ESN Denmark.

Their statement comes in the wake of increased concern among university managers that the Danish government cutbacks will prevent Danish students from going abroad.

According to ESN Denmark the consequence of the reform is fewer international students being accepted into Danish universities. “This will have a striking impact on the vision to promote mobility and internalization of higher education in Denmark,” they say in a press release, adding that “stopping the process of internationalization will be a huge loss for the Danish universities.”

Copenhagen Managers also criticise model

According to a featured comment on the University Post by the associate dean at the Faculty of Humanities Julie Sommerlund the new model will make the Danish students’ education less international, contrary to government aims to have more Danes study abroad.

On Monday, Prorector for Education Lykke Friis told Danish newspaper Information that cuts to over 60 graduate programs means the intake of international students will need to be cut.

“It is rather difficult to uptake students from the outside “when we do not even have room for our own undergraduates who are legally entitled to enter the masters program” said Friis.

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