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Fed up with ‘summer time’

If you haven't noticed already, you were supposed to adjust clocks forward Saturday night, losing an hour over the weekend. Most Danes think the summer-time shift is more trouble than it is worth

Nearly 65 per cent of Danes reckon ‘summer time’ clock shift’s a nuisance, and that Denmark ought to eliminate it in favour of a single time throughout the year.

This is according to our media partner, citing and

The surveys’ results noted statistical increases in traffic accidents and heart attacks when summer time begins and ends, as well as disturbed sleeping and eating patterns.

Only marginal economic value

Furthermore, its monetary value is only DKK150 in electricity savings per family per year, according to calculations by the state-run energy company DONG.

Jacob Skov, a respondent from Odense, remains unconvinced about the effect of summer-time, pointing to a new cross-party political agreement that will increase taxes on energy.

»The argument that you save money rings a bit hollow when the new energy agreement is going to cost each family DKK1,000 per year.«

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