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Festival of minimalistic composers and telephones

Get ready for a festival of avant-garde composers, videos and an interactive telephone concert

Come and take part in an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural festival on the avant-garde at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK).

It all takes place on the 5 – 6 November with a host of lectures, workshops, film screenings, music, performances and art. Here’s a quick list of the events that either transcend language, or are in English. Click on the artists to preview their work:

Thursday 5 November

17.00 Performing Terry Rileys ‘in C’ (If you want to participate, bring an instrument. The score can be found here)

Friday 6 November

13.00-14.00 Artist presentation: Das Beckwerk: A screening of a video of the performance ‘Language of Hope’.

14.00-15.00 Performance with Abstreet:
‘Even close to comatose no man is an eyeland electric’

15.00-16.00 Interactive telephone concert with Goodiepal.

21.00-03.00 When you are all cultured-up – party into the early hours, and get to know some avant-garde Copenhageners in the process!