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Few internationals at cutbacks demo

While there are about 800 international students at the Faculty of Life Sciences, few take part in student protests

It is impossible to know exactly how many international students were among the thousands who waved banners or sported face paints at the demonstration June 8 in Frue Plads.

However, chairperson of Student Council (DSR) of the Faculty of Life Sciences Ida I. Engelund estimates that there were very few:

»We from the Faculty of Life Sciences met up before the demonstration, and there were no international students,« says Ida I. Engelund.

Posters and banners in Danish

»All of the posters and information about the demonstration is in Danish. We do not have the resources to make banners and posters ourselves, so we get them from the General Student Council. We could perhaps ask them to make some available in English,« she says.

»The cutbacks are also relevant for overseas students, as this could mean fewer teaching hours nd larger classes for them too,« she says.

Staff info was translated

Information encouraging staff to join the demonstration was available in English on the faculty’s internal website, says communication staff member Kirsten Jenlev.

»We translated the notice as soon as we received it, and put it on the site. We judged that it could not wait and so translated it at once,« she says.

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