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Final Voting: The bad, the worse and the ugly

We are giving away a brand-new iPad 1 as a reward to the best or worst experience our readers have unfortunately had at the University of Copenhagen. And you need to help us choose the winner!

There have been some, errrrr, strange stories entered into the contest.

Can’t remember them? See Round 1 here and Round 2 here, and see a whole bunch of stories that didn’t make it to the finals under the University Post article here.

We have given a wild card to Jessica, who we feel should also be added to the final vote-out.


The contest is now closed to entries, but we still need you to decide who the final winner is.

All five finalists that have made it through the first voting rounds have had horrific stories to tell. This proves that University Post and Universitetsavisen readers have a little bit of a mean streak, and revel in the bad experiences of others.

The ballot box will be closed at 12:00 on 1 June, so vote soon!

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