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Financier George Soros to open economics centre

George Soros, the man who in 1992 broke the Bank of England by speculating against the British Pound, will be one of the speakers at the opening of a new centre at the University of Copenhagen Monday

INET Copenhagen Center is to house a new innovative type of economics, and will open on Monday.

It has managed to invite some big names. The biggest perhaps is George Soros. Known as the man who in 1992 speculated against the Bank of England, ultimately forcing the British Pound out of the European currency mechanism which later led to the euro. He will be one of the speakers at the opening of a new centre.

Soros is of course, since 1992, also known for his subsequent philanthropy, and his books on global finance. It is a closed seminar, and only the press, including the University Post will be there.

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