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Find a room in Copenhagen

A lack of cheap housing makes finding a room an ordeal for some international students - signed up on waiting lists - hoping for a redemptive e-mail with a room offer. Finding a place to live in Copenhagen is always tough, but here are a few tips

Private rooms and apartments

The ‘blue newspaper’ (Den Blå Avis) is an online site listing private room rentals in Copenhagen. It is all in Danish, so you need to approach your mentor or another friendly local to get help browsing the site.

The International Office has also compiled a mini-dictionary to help you make sense of housing ads. See the dictionary here.

Some advice

Find out what the price level is in general for housing in Copenhagen before agreeing to a high rent

Make sure you get a written contract for the lease and that you understand the terms

Never take an offer where the person offering it makes an excuse as to why he/she does not have the time to show it to you

Never pay large amounts in cash or via untraceable transfers such as Western Union. Always make sure than you can prove that you have transferred the amount

When you have succeeded in finding a room, fill in an inspection report upon arrival with the person renting it out, and take pictures to show the condition upon arrival

Look further afield

There are often rooms available for international students in residence halls in Roskilde.

The beautiful historical town of Roskilde is half an hour from the centre of Copenhagen. Other suburbs may have more available housing. Don’t reject an offer just because it is a 30 minute train ride away.

Student housing organisations KKIK and CIU

For students who are staying more than 2 semesters:

Apply for a room through the Student- and Youth Accommodation Office

Apply for a room through the Central Nomination Committee (CIU).

The International office can also in some cases help by putting you in touch with landlords. Write to They have a housing list.

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