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Fire drill left canteen staff 'in flames'

It took 12 minutes to get everyone out, but an exercise in the central administration buildings highlighted serious issues about communicating to all staff

It took a somewhat sedate 12 minutes to get the hundreds of staff out of the central administration buildings. And some staff were not informed of the pretend ‘fire,’ resulting in their pretend ‘death.’ The slip was witnessed at Wednesday’s fire exercise, which occured at 10:30 in the morning.

»All in all, it seemed to go alright,« said Henrik Madsen, one of the drill coordinators, to the University Post, as the newsroom staff were allowed back into their office.

Still an upper floor was somehow not informed, he explained. And some kitchen staff in the lower Kannibalen canteen would have perished.

Perished chefs

»It’s a little disturbing that they forgot us,« says Jesper Larsen, head chef of the canteen. »Even though it’s very typical that people don’t take fire drills seriously, it’s still a not very good thing.«

The kitchen staff was informed of the drill about 15 minutes after it had already happened, when one of the drill coordinators came down to the basement canteen to ask if they had heard of the drill.

»I suppose it’s good that they came down eventually,« Larsen says. »Maybe next time they won’t forget us.«

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