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First day was first love

While some find love on exchange, not everyone can keep it. Peter and Gunhild have kept theirs

For Gunhild from Norway and Peter from Canada it was ‘love at first orientation.’

They met each other at the first student introduction meeting at the Department of Political Science in Copenhagen three years ago.

They became close friends and running buddies. But soon, their hearts were racing for a different reason.
Peter and Gunhild started meeting daily and hanging out with each other all the time.

Had to have »the talk«

Peter and Gunhild are not only a perfect example of love found during exchange, but also a couple who fought in order to maintain their relationship.

»Due to the nature of what brought us together, a short-term university exchange, we knew that we had to have ‘the talk’ about where our relationship was going really soon«, says Peter.

When Peter’s exchange period finished, he had to come back to Canada to finish some mandatory courses for his bachelor. As a result, they were apart for a number of months.

Visa issues the toughest thing

The couple did not see each other during this time, which was very troublesome.

»Over the course of our relationship, the hardest thing has been having to be apart due to visa issues«, says Peter.

They now both living in Ottawa (Canada), where they have found good careers. Nevertheless, Peter will always remember Copenhagen as the place where their roads converged, he says.

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