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Five quick questions to the University s DHL-man

Niels Wollesen is the main organiser of the DHL run for staff and students at the University of Copenhagen. The University Post caught up with him after the event

1)How did the DHL run go? The weather was just perfect
DHL went beyond expectations – perfect running weather and a good atmosphere gave the participants optimal conditions…

2) Are you concerned that the number of participants from UCPH is beginning to stagnate?
No, I was not concerned that the number of UCPH-participants for the first time did not increase. In the five years I have organised DHL we have grown from 1,385 runners to 2,100 runners this year, so nearly a 52 pct. increase. Today the University of Copenhagen is the fourth largest corporation in the DHL, measured by the number of teams contesting during the five days of the DHL in Fælledparken.

3)Do you think other events like the matriculation ceremony have had an impact on the number of participants?

I do not believe the matriculation ceremony has had any greater effect on the number of participants, as it is for new students and does not involves a great number of staff.

4)In the final few hundred meters, the smoke from the sausages was a bit too much. I’ve met a few runners who complained that the smoke hampered the sprint finish they were planning to pull off. Were there any complaints of that sort?

Unfortunately, we cannot do much to change this. As organiser, Sparta decides on the route. The route is planned to pass all organisations in the tents, so they can cheer on their co-workers. I will admit, it is not much fun to run in the smoke, but we have not received any complaints regarding this.

5) What would be the one word you would use to describe the event, given the amount of time you spent in organizing it?
A fun and fantastic company event, with running, beer on tap and lots of socialising with colleagues.

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