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Flash mob, quiz, lured hundreds to Post party

Studenterhuset packed Friday night, as this media celebrated

There are many reasons to celebrate: The University Post is now two-and-a-half-year’s old, and it likes to think of itself as the first media choice among students and staff at the University of Copenhagen.

This was at least one of the excuses for it holding its first party at the Studenterhuset last Friday.

Judging from the turnout, several hundred guests, this will not be the last time that the University Post holds a party either.

Flash mob

The party started up mellow, with a conversation game, the so-called feast of strangers. Then, as more guests streamed in, editor Mike Young of the University Post hosted a winner-takes-all quiz with questions that were absurdly difficult.

Starting off with ‘What is the capital city of the Tonga Islands?’, the questions got worse and worse. Luckily contestants could always just guess between two options and hope they were not eliminated.

Later on, in what for many came as a surprise, actors from That-Theatre staged a flash mob play that had party guests wondering what on earth was going on.

Packed dance floor

As the party reached its culmination, the DJ, Desh Jones, packed the dance floor.

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