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Flu fears has university set up hand cleansers

Disinfectant in the hallways to protect university employees. Key matriculation ceremony with high handshake risk today Wednesday 2 September

The fight against influenza A is now visible in the hallways of the University of Copenhagen, in the form of hand cleansing stations equipped with the alcohol-based disinfectant Alcogel.

Office landscapes are particularly conducive to the spread of the infectious influenza bacteria, with a wealth of bacteria exchange hot-spots such as light switches, telephone handsets and door handles.

Rector to shake hands

Office workers tend also to have relatively low resistance due to a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the university has provided hand disinfectant to reduce the spread of bacteria.

At the upcoming Matriculation ceremony on 2 September, the Rector normally shakes up to 6000 moist and possibly bacteria-laden hands. It is as yet uncertain whether the university will enforce any hygiene precautions on this occasion.

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