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Food in Copenhagen - guide to international cuisine

Copenhagen has a bustling food scene that is catering to an expanding young international population with global taste buds. Here is a list of affordable restaurants

There is a growing representation of world cuisine in Copenhagen with a wide array of taste, prices, and experience. Copenhagen is expensive, but there are a number of places where you can get a good meal without breaking the bank.

This guide features some food joints that have entered the scene with a clear intent to deliver food you will enjoy. All for around DKK 100 per meal.

1. Ma’ed Restaurant

Cuisine: Ethiopian
A lovely family run restaurant in Nørrebro is my number one place to relax over food and hospitality that reminds me of my mother’s kitchen. Dig into a traditional injera platter with a huge array of side dishes all for under DKK 100. The place is always packed so reserve your spot for evenings, but they serve the same menu for DKK 59 at lunch!

Where: Griffenfeldsgade 7, 2200 Copenhagen N
Website: Ma’ed

2. Beyti Kebab

Cuisine: Lebanese/Turkish
Another family joint. Whether it’s a quick bite before an appointment in the city, or a hunger pang during a weekend booze marathon, this place retains a freshness and taste in its products that always soothens your senses. Best falafel in town and perfectly flavored Turkish tea. Brilliant lentil soup with homemade bread.

Where: Norrebrogade 13, 2200 Copenhagen N

3. Taco Diner

Cuisine: Mexican
Friendly prices, cozy location, brilliant food, no frills, full tummy. Their burritos and chimichangas deliver quite a bang for your buck and give you that happy smile towards the end that says ”value for money”. Check it out!

Where: Nørre Farimagsgade 57, 1364 Copenhagen K
Website: Taco Diner

4. Sapore D’Italia

Cuisine: Italian
You know it’s a good Italian place when it has a wooden pizza oven, a menu that features Italian truffles, and it has two cozy armchair seats that would make it a perfect date. Typically, it is a weekday lunch place or evening pizza place for movie nights with your mates. Again, top dollar eatery in delivering quality for your money. No more pizzas in kebab houses please!

Where: Blegdamsvej 42, 2200 Copenhagen N
Website: Sapore D’Italia

5. Punjab Restaurant

Cuisine: North Indian/Pakistani
While I hold out for South Indian food against the globally known North Indian cuisine, Punjab Restaurant’s buffet is one of the most extensive I have witnessed anywhere along my travels. Bollywood décor and variety of appetizers, starters, main courses, salads, and dessert, which can each be counted on both hands, makes it hard work to strategize your route to a blissful post-meal slumber the likes of which you would have never experienced before. Everyday luncheons at DKK 89 are something you should not miss out on as part of a lazy weekend or as a spice-induced hangover cure.

Where: Valby Langgade 23, 2500 Valby
Website: Punjab Restaurant

6. Latienda at Papirøen (Copenhagen Street Food)

Cuisine: Colombian (Vegetarian/Vegan)
If visiting Copenhagen Street Food is an experiment in gastronomy, Latienda is the Royale with cheese. A simple menu, taste of tropical paradise, the melodic din of Spanish conversations and sizzling flavors make Latienda the perfect riposte to a balmy and windy Copenhagen seafront evening. Grab their food, a pint of beer and settle down by the outdoor fireplace, and stare down the sunset. A little something from Christiania wouldn’t be out of place in this mood.

Where: Trangravsvej 14, 7/8, 1436 Copenhagen K
Website: Latienda

7. Thaiaway + Jasmin Rice

Cuisine: Thai
Normally, food chains disappoint more than often, but, along with Barburrito (Mexican), Thaiway is one of the few that consistently delivers great food. Many dishes overshoot the DKK 100 budget depending on the options and extras, but that familiar sensations delivered by panang and masaman curries make you feel its worth the little overspend. Half the fun is watching the chef prepare your dish and bring all those colors and flavors onto your p(a)late.
Jasmin Rice also offers good quality but for slightly lesser prices.

Where: Several locations
Website: Thaiaway + Jasmin Rice

8. Morgenstedet in Christiania

Cuisine: Mixed (Organic vegetarian)
This 20+ year-old eatery is a must try for its balanced food philosophy and collective ideology as much as for its tasty food. The menu is simple – there is an option of a soup and a few dishes which are always changing – so its quite rare you visit twice to experience the same kind of food. The workers are volunteers and the meals are so popular that much of it is sold out even an hour before closing time. This is not a place where you book a table – if you find yourself sauntering around the Freetown in a sane or inebriated state, the food does much to keep you in check and find your zen.

Where: Prinsessegade, 1440 Copenhagen K
Website: Morgenstedet

9. The South Indian

Cuisine: Exclusive South Indian
Yes, you probably never knew it but you have been misled into believing chicken tikka masala and tandoori Naan IS the benchmark of Indian food. Among the countless lists available on ’10 global dishes to eat before you die’, masala dosa is an ever-constant, and it truly is worth the hype.

A simple rice-lentil crisply crepe filled with veggies/meat curries is served along with lentil soup and two epic chutneys – the coconut and onion-garlic-tomato. The beauty of South Indian food is using contrast in taste and flavors and every mouthful is like a tasty punch out between Ali and Frazier. This restaurant is a new kid on the block fast gaining excellent ratings on Tripadvisor. So there, hop on your bike and head over.

Where: Godthåbsvej 12, 2000 Frederiksberg
Website: The South Indian

10. La Centrale

Cuisine: Lebanese
Frankly, this place exists on the list purely because of the fantastic array of tapas they provide and not for their Lebanese offerings. Located right between the party point of Copenhagen, it is open early into the morning every day. The deals on tapas are amazing, there is a brilliant variety, and they are quite filling. They define tapas in their own way a bit further away form the Spanish philosophy, but be it a snack on the way, or gluttony between partying, this is one cozy place you wont forget in a hurry.

Where: Norrebrogade 31, 2200 Copenhagen N
Website: La Centrale

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