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For those who get it: SU reform details

Here are the main points in the just agreed SU student grant reform, of interest to those who already get the grant

The reform to the Danish student grant SU system entails a cut of DKK 2.2 bn, which will go towards a government economic growth plan.

See if you are eligible to receive SU here.

Here are the main points:

Quick in and out
If students begin their higher education within two years after graduating from high school/gymnasium, they are allowed to receive SU for 12 months longer than usual. If not, SU grants stop if a student is delayed for more than 6 months. Average study time is expected to decrease by 4.3 months by 2020.

Livin’ (at home) ain’t easy
Those living with their parents will see their SU cut to DKK 893, with an allowance of up to DKK 1,586 based on parental income.

Earn more
Starting in 2014, students will be allowed to earn an extra DKK 1,500 per month, with the amount increasing to DKK 2,500 a month in 2015.

Bonus for the quick ones
Students who get through their education faster than expected will receive a bonus of DKK 2,877 per month.

Higher transport allowance
To qualify for a transport allowance, a student must commute a minimum of 43 kilometers per day under current rules. This amount is set to decrease under the new law.

Mandatory exam registration
Students must now register for courses equivalent to a full academic year, and cannot opt-out of individual exams.

Mandatory exam registration
A better framework for recognizing credit obtained from other institutions, or study lines, will be established, along with a better transition beteen bachelor- and master’s-level degrees.

Entrance exams
Universities will be able to introduce entrance examinations, which students will have two attempts to pass.

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