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Forestry students selling organic Christmas trees

Student-run tree market in Frederiksberg is the place to go for your Christmas tree

Looking for a locally-grown, pesticide-free Christmas tree for your dorm or flat? You could go to the forest and cut your own (not actually legal) or head to the Frederiksberg Campus, where the forestry students are holding their annual tree sale.

”This is one of the very few places in Copenhagen where you can find an organic tree,” says Lars Andreasen, a forestry student. ”Most Christmas trees have been sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides.”

The market sells a variety of trees and greenery that were sourced from an organic farm in Jutland. Prices depend on height, starting at DKK 200 for a small tree.

”Profits from the sale go to conference and travel grants for the students involved,” says Lize Dent, a Natural Conservation student, who is also working at the market.

The sale is on every weekend until Christmas.

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