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Former students met top scientists at the first UCPH Alumni Day

Beginning of a new tradition, as UCPH alumni got researchers' take on sex in the old testament, mammoths' DNA, ISIS, and big data. See the photos

The Alumni Day 2014 marked the beginning of a new tradition as prorector Thomas Bjørnholm announced that the second Alumni Day will take place on October 3rd 2015.

During the afternoon, the alumni listened to top researchers like Eske Willerslev, who talked engagingly about mammoths and DNA. The title: “Sex, Violence and State Formations in The Old Testament” drew a crowd to professor in Theology, Anne Gudme. Lars Bangert Struwe from Centre for Military Studies gave the audience a hint of what lies ahead politically as a consequence of Russia’s intervention/occupation in Ukraine and the terror actions of ISIS.

At the Alumni Day, the university seized the chance to appoint the next Honorary Alumna: Corinna Cortes, who is head of Google Research. She let us in on ‘big data’ and how to construct Google Translate. See the press release and the University Post’s interview with Corinna Cortes here.

See myself here for the next 25 years

The day ended with a string concert and a banquet in the old Ceremonial Hall. The excellent food was inspired by the University’s ‘birth’ year, 1479. Alumni were eager to get to know each other and discuss work life, the university and much more.

“I can already see myself sitting here the next 25 years,” said Isabella Falsted, young alumna and MA in French.

See the photos from the event by Rasmus Degnbøl below, and even more pictures from the alumni association facebook page here.

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