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Free ideas that are better than yours

Review: Malcolm Gladwell amplifies the impression that he has a head full of good ideas with his microphone-like hairdo

From the highbrow ones to just spaghetti sauce. hosts an inexhaustible archive of ideas from passionate and committed people – ideas worth spreading.

It is about sharing the best ideas, and not much else. The non-profit organisation TED started in 1984 as a conference for technology, entertainment and design.

Since then it much too large for mere mortals to attend and is instead streamed online, for all of us to enjoy.

Hours of entertainment

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Tipping Point, tells the story of Howard Flynn, a man obsessed with the thought of how to perfect tomato sauce.

The story is so famous that you have probably heard it already, but it is fascinating enough to be worthy of another listen. Gladwell’s impressive mega-afro only adds to the entertainment value of the tale.

The clips on range from this spaghetti-related story to Danish architect, Bjarne Ingel’s captivating thoughts on the conception and development of architectural projects. He shows us how a proposal that lost at a Swedish competition was made three times larger and became Peoples Building in Shanghai, China.

High quality clips is easy to use, the videos are high quality and it is even possible to have subtitles on some of them. The charismatic speakers are themselves ardent, animated and certainly attention grabbing – check out the conductor, Benjaming Zander.

If you don’t already love classical music, the spellbinding and engaging Benjamin Zander will teach you to be a better lover.

Go to and explore their of ideas worth spreading.