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Freedom to love who you want: Copenhagen Pride 2015 photos

Copenhagen Pride on Saturday was about celebrating the freedom to be who you want ... and love who you want. Here are our photos from the event which has a huge University of Copenhagen following

Saturday the streets of Copenhagen were filled with rainbow flags, dancing drag queens and big trucks with extravagant dress up themes.

After a week of lectures, parties and events the week was finished off with the traditional Pride Parade, starting at Frederiksberg Town City Hall, terminating at the Copenhagen City Hall Square, leaving a colourful trail of confetti, champagne bottles and balloons all the way down Vesterbrogade street.

The University of Copenhagen was present to celebrate and represent an institution open to diversity, equality and love. And the Studenterhuset café organised a big truck filled with happy young students, covered in glitter, waving the Pride flags. After the truck was an impressive long train of more students.

Copenhagen institutions represented

The University of Copenhagen was one of the biggest institutions present.

Other organisations and institutions such as Folketeatret Nørregade (These are for example the photos of the man posing with his leg up on the truck in a green dress and a blonde wig!!), Bøssehuset (The Asian and the guy in a green dress kissing were from this organization) and LGBT Asylum (The guy holding up the sign saying The Fight Is Not Done Yet) were also walking in the parade.

All celebrating the freedom to love who you want.

Click through the gallery below and follow the parade through the eyes of our photo reporters Anna Søndergaard and David V. Schweiger.

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