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Freezing their butts off on Ringkøbing Fjord

Researchers are measuring the amount of ground water seeping into Ringkjøbing fjord on the west coast of Denmark. Normally, they need a rubber dinghy for their experiments

Deep winter has given a group of hydro-geologists on Ringkøbing Fjord an opportunity which they couldn’t afford to miss.

Kinza Haider, a hydrogeologist from Pakistan, explains that their sojourn out onto the icy wastes was to test for salt content.

»Measuring salinity was one part of it. We also obtained temperature profiles with respect to depth, as ground water is seeping into the fjord from the fjord bed and the difference between the surface water and groundwater temperature is much in contrast,« she explained to the University Post.

Ground water is always eight degrees Celsius, so if it seeps, it leaves a temperature imprint.

The researchers were from Spain, Poland, UK, Italy and Denmark.

See the photo gallery of their exploits here.

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