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Get DKK 10,000 for your brilliant study environment idea

What does your place of study need? Your answer might be worth a wad of cash in a current competition by Academic Books and the SL fund

Life as a student involves more than books. You might serve coffee in a student-run café, meet up with a study group, record podcasts for the university radio or put on a costume in the revue. Or, you might just have an idea, and be waiting for a push in the right direction.

With DKK 10,000 at stake, the competition “Det Gode Projekt” provides a chance to take your project to another level, the only guideline being the will to work for a better study environment:

“If you have the ability to make other students happier, to make them connect or simply to make them more excited about learning, we want to hear from you”, says Sabrina Vitting-Seerup, coordinator of the competition.

Let the ideas flow

The ideas can be both academic and social in character. Former winners of the competition include IKK festival, a nationwide union for physiotherapists and a sports event at CBS.

Academic Books and the SL fund are behind the competition. As non-profit organisations, they want to channel funds towards inititaives which are developed by the students themselves.

“There are a lot of fine initiatives at the educational institutions that we wish to support, but it can be hard for us to find them” says Sabrina Vitting-Seerup and continues: “With Det Gode Projekt, we try to make the great ideas come to us”

Applications are due by May 11. From the applicants, three promising ideas will be selected and put to a vote on the website The winner will be announced in June.

For more information on how to apply click here (information in Danish).

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