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Go and get your free bike

‘Free Bikes’ gives sponsored bikes to students for one year. After this, the bikes will be sent to students in Africa

A new concept of biking is now in the streets of Copenhagen. Get a bicycle for free and help Africa.

‘Free Bikes’ offers students bikes funded by different Danish companies.

You just need to be a University student, use your bike a lot and be the lucky chosen by the advertisers.

Bringing school closer to Africans

After biking around town for one year, the bikes are collected and sent to African students.

The initiative will bring education closer to students in Africa who usually live in villages very far from schools.

Thanks to ‘Free Bikes’, the sponsors, and the students who ride these bikes in Copenhagen for one year, more African students will be able to get an education.

Want a free a bicycle? Sign up here

Watch a video and learn more about the “Free Bikes” concept here (Sorry: in Danish):
[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

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