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Guide: How to vote at University in 5 quick steps

Today is the last day of the University of Copenhagen elections, so we present you with the ultimate guide to vote.

1. Login to KUnet

You can vote from your couch with the university intranet’s electronic voting system

2. UCPH election site

There is a website dedicated specially for the elections, which has all the information in English and Danish, including a short film on the election’s history.

3. Candidates

The UCPH election site doesn’t have much information about the candidates.This is where the university post steps in! Read our interviews with some of the top candidates here

4. Terms and conditions

Studenterråd? Universitetsbestyrelsen? Fagråd el. Faglig forening??? Unable to make sense of these unpronounceable danish terms? We at the university post have also lined up a few favorite election terms that you absolutely need to know! Find them at our elections glossary.

5. Vote

Now go ahead, make a decision and vote!

Happy Voting!

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