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Guide: Music at the Studenterhuset

Gigs are the sunshine for the mind in the darkest time (...winter). Studenterhuset is host to a lot of them in the coming weeks, and it’s really cheap. In fact, sometimes it’s free

Fairly convinced that there was enough material to create a solid mix tape of rock, surf and pop for a road trip across the US, journalist My Kristensen from our Danish section, Universitetsavisen, fleshed out the program of live music at Studenterhuset for the next few weeks:

Music to match the weather, and music to forget it

Thursday 26 November: Lets go live // 21:00 // At the door: DKK 30, members: DKK 20.
‘Lets go live’ is a series of gigs for up-and-coming bands in Copenhagen, and this Thursday there’s a double concert with Last Band Alive and Rocketbrothers.

Last Band Alive is pompous pop in multiple layers. Like Mew, no Band of Horses, no – I’m not quite sure who to compare them with, or if it’s even a good idea to do so. I fell for the danceable Normal People, which can be heard here.

Second band of the evening, Rocketbrothers, have taken their name from the Danish band Kashmir’s track of the same name. Rocketbrothers do not sound anything like Kashmir, however, but you can check out to hear how they do sound.

Friday 27 November: Beatbar // 15:30 // At the door: nothing!
This Friday’s Beatbar is a free night of Mads Heinesen and his guitar. It is lyrics with music to match, and not visa versa. He is perhaps the musical contribution of the month that best matches the weather outside.

Sounds like better times

Friday 27 November: Club Mau Mau // 22.00 // At the door: DKK 80
American band, The Woggles play cool, 60s rock’n’roll to shake you arms and wig to. It’s rough, unpolished, and guaranteed to be good live. They have apparently taken their name from the leather strap that boy scouts use to keep their neckerchief in place (who knew?).

The hand-picked support set comes from The Tremolo Beer Gut, who deliver dark surf with a sound that would put them straight on to a Tarantino-soundtrack if only he knew they existed.

Rock’n’roll and records spinning

Friday 4 December 2009 // Kl. 22.00 // At the door: nothing!
Roskilde Festival has said of Copenhagen’s Highway Child, that they are »for everyone addicted to classic rock’n’roll« in the vain of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.
The band agrees – hear them here:

Saturday 5 December // 21.00 // At the door: DKK 50
If you’re less inclined to rock, and prefer records spinning, Saturday 5 November is for you. It features a slew of DJ’s (collective noun for DJ anyone?), and they are supposed to be really good. Denmark’s newest and coolest.
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