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Gwen wins University Board seat (updated with election votes)

Victory for Student Council in student vote. Here are the full results

Gwen Gruner-Widding, the candidate for the Student Council, has won a seat for the University Board. The Student Council thereby has two seats, and is confirmed in its two-seat monopoly of student power on the Board. The results of the ballot have been announced at a ceremony on Central Campus.

The Student Council has won every single vote in the first-past-the-post system since the present election system was instituted 10 years ago. There are two student seats on the Board, and a seat is up for election every year.

There are two student representatives, with one of them up for election every year.

(See the vote count on the Pdf file below this article)

Gwen: A lot of people worked hard

As previously reported, voter turnout was particularly high in this year’s election, up by nearly five percentage points from last year.

The announcement with most interest was the main student representative for the University Board, but other candidates will now know whether they are in or out for a host of different councils and boards in different subjects and departments.

Prior to the announcement that she had won, Gwen Gruner-Widding said to the University Post that “a lot of people worked really hard to discuss the quality and the future of our education here at the University, so it is exciting to see what will happen. Especially at a time now, when the future of our education is being contested, it is very important to show that we have one, strong, united student voice.”

Another day, another big meeting

After the announcement, Gwen elaborated to our on-site reporter: “Now, we are going to eat æbleskiver to celebrate! And then, get back to work!”

“We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow [referring to tomorrow’s meeting with Minister Morten Østergaard at the Faculty of Health Sciences, ed.]”.

The Student Council has been leading a campaign against the speed-up of graduation times, the so-called Study Progress Reform at the University of Copenhagen. The Student Council was apparently helped by the fact that this reform almost completely took the political agenda.

Bjørk: Study reforms took election emphasis

Bjørk K. Olsen from Conservative Students was one of the alternative candidates. Prior to the announcement she had said to the University Post that she didn’t expect that she would get more than half the votes, but I hope that we will get more than last year, it just gives us more to work on. I hope that we will get 20 per cent of the votes,” she says.

“Anything can happen. The new study reforms got a lot of emphasis on the elections this year. And I think the number of voters will be higher than last year”. [Editor’s note: The numbers were higher].

As it turns out Conservative Students got more than 300 votes, a success in her own judgment, and she did, in fact, turn up for the announcement. After the results were announced she elaborated to our reporter.

“I am very surprised. I am now going to the law department for champagne to celebrate a good campaign”.

See the full results with numbers of personal votes in the pdf file attachment below.

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