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Hash is everywhere, but hard drugs are rare

8 out of 10 international staff and students say that hard drugs are more widespread in their home country, than in Denmark. But cannabis is more widespread in Copenhagen

For international staff and students, the Copenhagen drug scene is synonymous with Christiania and the occasional joint, reveals the University Post Drink and Drug Survey. Hard drugs such as cocaine or ecstasy are all but invisible, according to student and staff responses.

None of the respondents had taken hard drugs or misused prescription medicines, and four out of five reckoned that drugs are more rife in their home country than in Denmark.

No one is shooting up

Two out of every five students and staff from abroad have been offered illegal drugs during their time in Copenhagen. But mostly this was a case of »a friendly ‘pass the joint’ offer.«

»I didn’t see anyone shooting up or burning spoons,« quips one respondent.

In the survey, one exchange student had been offered cocaine at a bar, and another had been offered ecstasy. Both refused the drugs.

Cannabis is widely used

The use of marijuana is widespread among exchange students, full degree students and PhDs/staff alike, the survey shows. According to their comments, most of those who smoke hash do so occasionally, with a few admitting to a daily habit.

Drugs are most often purchased in Christiania. It is most widespread among American students, according to comments in our survey.

»My American friends, and even my American girlfriend tried to bring me to ‘smoking parties’: Smoking all afternoon in a cosy bathroom, with friends,« writes one exchange student.

»Many internationals take drugs (in this case cannabis…ed.). For me, the Americans are the big consumers,« writes a French exchange student.

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