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Head of Studies plays ´Der Führer´ in comedy

Department of Computer Sciences is a wartime Berlin headquarters in a new video, with the Head of Studies in a starring role as a dictator screaming: »It was an order!«

»When all this is over. We will create a Thousand Year Department. It will function longer than any other department in history…«.

So says the dictator in a sketch from the Department of Computer Science’s annual comedy review, where the producers make light of the department’s cutbacks, moves and threatened grants. The video is now making the rounds on YouTube.

Taking inspiration from the German film Der Untergang, Head of Studies Torben Mogensen takes on the starring role as Adolf Hitler.

The video sketch comes in the wake of a series of cutbacks and an unpopular planned series of campus relocations for the department.

Judge the video yourself by clicking on the video below.
[video: width:432 height:324 align:center]

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