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Health scientists: We are also favourites

While university favourites face each other down, they forget the third team

While two of the favourite teams have engaged in a war of words in the run-up to the DHL fun-run showdown tonight, a third team, a group of health scientists, has been quietly, stealthily, preparing for an upset.

Now one of them, Mads Rosenkilde of the team from the Department of Biomedical Sciences called Systembiologisk Forskning 1, speaks frankly and to the point to the University Post:

»We are going for the number one position among university teams,« he says.

He reckons the team can hold a 19:30 average for the twisty and smoke-choked serpentine route. As the team is from a department that researches physical activity, they know should what they are talking about.

Very serious business

The team members have an affinity to hours of weekly training.

Martin Bæk Petersen, another team member who reckons he is good for 18 minutes for the five kilometres, puts himself through a five-times-a-week regimen of running and mountain biking, and a 26-kilometre bike commute back and forth to work.

»As exercise scientists we are all interested in sports, and some of us take this thing, about being the fastest university team, very seriously,« he says.