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We are looking for exchange students to take part in a focus group. For your efforts we will give you a gift card and... we promise!... a fun, interesting afternoon

The University Post wants to be better at reporting to, and involving you, and other students.

We are asking for your advice.

This coming Tuesday 11 October we will hold a focus group, a kind of structured meeting with a wide range of different types of students. We already have most of the people for the eight-person group, but we need a couple of exchange students to make the composition of the group representative.

You can help us

The meeting takes place on Tuesday 11 October between 13 and 16. We offer coffee, tea, fruit and cookies. And as compensation for your time and effort we will give you a DKK 300 gift card to a large department store.

You don’t need to have had deep thoughts about the University Post. As a matter of fact, we would prefer if you have had no thoughts about it whatsoever. The meeting will be structured by a professional meeting consultant.

Want to help us? Write to University Post editor Mike Young on with your phone number, or call us directly on 35 32 28 99.

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