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Here are Copenhagen’s new international students

Hundreds of newcomers were given their first official orientation briefing at the University of Copenhagen

It is a recurring ritual. Incoming international students are given an introduction to the University of Copenhagen, and briefed on what the University has to offer when the lectures are over.

The University Post was there for their own briefing, but also with a photo reporter to capture the meeting.

See a gallery of photos from the event here.

Opportunity to welcome students

Vying for the attention of new students were groups like the alumni association Kubulus, who were out collecting new members.

»It is an opportunity for us to welcome new students and potential new members. We inform them about our events, and how they can use us to improve their job opportunities,« says Signe Nielsen of the alumni association.

Their talk was followed by extra-curricular organisers like Studenterhuset, the Erasmus Student Network, the Danish Language Course and many others.


The University Post prompted students to ask questions about their new University and about Copenhagen life:

Through the barrage of information, only seven questions were picked up:

• I am American. How do I get a Danish boyfriend for my semester in Copenhagen?
• Can you still buy weed, legally or illegally in Denmark?
• How do I get a boyfriend in Copenhagen?
• Where can I buy Asian groceries? Seriously craving sushi…
• Where da clubs at? Or actually. How’s the hip hop scene here?
• How come that girls in Denmark are so cute? And classy?
• How do you get a bus card?

At an orientation meeting last year, the University Post got 119 responses.

See their questions and the responses to them here.

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